Posters — ASN Events


Posters are being displayed in the exhibition area on poster panels on Sunday and Monday evenings. Numbered boards will be ready at the beginning of the conference and posters may be put up from 2.00pm on Sunday 12th February. Official viewing (and judging of student posters) will happen during two sessions from 8.30 pm – 10.30 pm Sunday 12th February and 8.30pm – 10.30pm Monday 13th February. The approved way of attaching your poster is with Velcro (see organiser’s office if there is none next to your poster). Please locate your poster number in the APP for correct positioning. The maximum poster size provided for is 1m wide by 1.2m high. Sunday night’s posters must be removed by morning tea on Monday for the next session’s posters to be put up. If your poster is not removed, it will be taken down and left below the board.

During both poster sessions all student posters will be judged by invited speakers and conference committee members. Student posters will have special stickers attached to make them noticeable. Please ensure you are attending your poster during these session times.
Six prizes of $200 will be awarded to posters judged to be the best. Winners will be announced after the closing lecture.